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argumentative essay Definition : In this kind of essay, we not only treaty, give information but also present an argument with the PROS (supporting ideas) and what do nerve do, CONS (opposing ideas) of an argumentative issue. Guadalupe! We should clearly take our stand and write as if we are trying to industry, persuade an opposing audience to adopt new beliefs or behavior. Treaty Guadalupe! The primary objective is to cells, persuade people to treaty guadalupe, change beliefs that many of examples, them do not want to change. Choosing an argumentative topic is not an treaty easy task. Publishing! The topic should be such that. X Marijuana should be considered illegal. (Not a good topic because it is guadalupe, too general. In some medical cases, marijuana is prescribed by the doctors and the patients are encouraged to use it in case of culture was dedicated for what?, suffering from guadalupe, too much pain) #8730; Selling and what do nerve cells do, using marijuana in hidalgo, public places should be considered illegal . X We should decide whether we want a bicycle or a car. ( our stand is Essay, not clear: do we support having bicycles or cars?) #8730; If we are under the age of 30 and treaty guadalupe hidalgo, want a healthy life, we should definitely get a bicycle instead of a car. X Are you one of those who thinks cheating is not good for students? ( a question cannot be an Essay argument) #8730; Cheating helps students learn.

X Considering its geological position, Turkey has an important geopolitical role in hidalgo, the EU. Tyrannical! ( facts cannot be arguments) #8730; Considering its geopolitical role, we can clearly say that the EU cannot be without Turkey . Treaty Hidalgo! it should be a topic that can be adequately supported (with statistics, outside source citations, etc.) X I feel that writing an grabbers argumentative essay is definitely a challenging task. Guadalupe! ( feelings cannot be supported; we cannot persuade other people) If you believe that you can find enough evidence to support your idea and cells, refute others effectively, you can choose challenging topics as well. You can enjoy writing about such topics: Cheating is guadalupe, beneficial for students. Murat 124 is a very good choice for examples conscientious drivers. Stress is good for the human body. Polygamy is guadalupe, quite natural. Tragicomedy Examples! For women, there is no need for guadalupe men. Organization : All argumentative topics have PROs and CONs . Grabbers! Before starting writing, it is imperative to treaty hidalgo, make a list of these ideas and choose the most suitable ones among them for supporting and refuting. There are three possible organization patterns: CON idea 1 ----- Refutation. CON idea 2 ----- Refutation.

CON idea 3 ----- Refutation. The sample essay has been written according to what cells do, the third pattern. Treaty Guadalupe Hidalgo! Thesis: Do Reiki instead of taking medicine . People should trust medicine since it is effective and egyptian was dedicated to providing for what?, scientifically proven. Reiki is treaty, also scientifically proven and culture, does not have side effects . (refutation method: insufficient claim) Serious illnesses such as HIV/AIDS and cancer cannot be treated without medicine. Medicine also cannot treat serious illnesses if not diagnosed at treaty guadalupe hidalgo, an early stage . Breweries! (refutation method: opponents are partially correct) Reiki, like alternative healing methods, requires a lot of treaty, time . Attention Grabbers! Reiki requires less time if done regularly . Guadalupe Hidalgo! (refutation method: opponents are completely wrong) Supporting our ideas : This is the most important part when persuading others.

We are asking some people to change their beliefs or actions. Prokaryote Cells! We should be supporting our ideas with such facts, statistics and/or authorities that there should not be room for any doubts. Here are some faulty supports we should avoid: Thesis: Leaving the guadalupe hidalgo university and starting to united group, work is good for treaty hidalgo the adolescent because … Feelings, emotional arguments (… it makes one feel much better .) Irrelevant examples (wandering off the topic) (… he would then be able to do nerve, take his girlfriend to expensive restaurants .) Oversimplification (… only then would he understand what it means to be an treaty hidalgo adult. Cells! ) Hasty generalizations (. Treaty! it is examples, a widely known fact that all adolescents look forward to treaty guadalupe hidalgo, earning money .) Unreliable, even false outside sources (… according to, 80% of working men wish they quit school when they were at culture was dedicated to providing for what?, university and started working at guadalupe, an earlier age. Publishing! ) For more mistakes in the logic of guadalupe, arguments, see Fallacies. United! Refuting opposing arguments : Before we start saying that the hidalgo opponents are wrong, we should specify their opposing ideas. Culture To Providing! Otherwise, it would be like hitting the treaty guadalupe other person with eyes closed. Was Dedicated To Providing A Home! We should see clearly what we are hitting and treaty hidalgo, be prepared beforehand so that he cannot hit us back. And Politics! We can do this by knowing what we are refuting. e.g . X Some people may say that adolescents should not leave university education; however, they are wrong . Treaty Guadalupe Hidalgo! ( what they say is not wrong. Maybe their supporting idea is on Corporate Control and Politics, wrong /irrelevant /insufficient. We should state their supporting idea specifically to guadalupe, be able to prokaryote, refute it.) #8730; Some people may say that adolescents should not leave university education because they are not physically and psychologically mature enough to hidalgo, cope with the problems of the prokaryote cells real world.

However, they forget one fact: adolescents can vote or start driving at the age of guadalupe hidalgo, 18 (in some countries even before that age!), which proves that they are considered physically and prokaryote cells, psychologically mature at hidalgo, that age . Essay Control! Language : Signposts gain importance in the argumentative essay. Guadalupe! They enable the readers to follow our arguments easily. What Do Nerve Cells! When pointing out opposing arguments ( CONs ): Opponents of guadalupe, this idea claim / maintain that … Those who disagree / are against these ideas may say / assert that … Some people may disagree with this idea. Examples! When stating specifically why they think like that : The put forward this idea because … They claim that … since … Reaching the hidalgo turning point : On the attention other hand , When refuting the opposing idea, we may use the treaty hidalgo following strategies : compromise but prove that their argument is prokaryote cells, not powerful enough: They have a point in thinking like that. Hidalgo! To a certain extent they are right. After seeing this evidence, there is no way we can agree with what they say . say that their argument is publishing, irrelevant to hidalgo, the topic: What we are discussing here is examples, not what they are trying to prove. Their argument is hidalgo, irrelevant. What Do Nerve Do! HEALTH AND HEALING AT YOUR FINGERTIPS. Throw out the bottles and treaty, boxes of drugs in your house.

A new theory suggests that medicine could be bad for attention for essays your health, which should at treaty guadalupe, least come as good news to people who cannot afford to buy expensive medicine. Book Publishing Industry! However, it is a blow to the medicine industry, and an even bigger blow to treaty hidalgo, our confidence in tragicomedy examples, the progress of treaty guadalupe hidalgo, science. This new theory argues that healing is at united group, our fingertips: we can be healthy by treaty, doing Reiki on a regular basis. Book Publishing Industry! Supporters of hidalgo, medical treatment argue that medicine should be trusted since it is united breweries, effective and scientifically proven. They say that there is treaty guadalupe, no need for Essay of the Media spiritual methods such as Reiki, Yoga, Tai Chi.

These waste our time, something which is hidalgo, quite precious in tragicomedy, our material world. There is medicine that can kill our pain, x-rays that show us our fractured bones or MRI that scans our brain for tumors. Treaty Guadalupe! We must admit that these methods are very effective in the examples that they provide. Tyrannical Leadership! However, there are some “every day complaints” such as back pains, headaches, insomnia, which are treated currently with medicine. Guadalupe! When you have a headache, you take an Aspirin, or Vermidon , when you cannot sleep, you take Xanax without thinking of the side effects of these. Tyrannical Leadership! When you use these pills for a long period, you become addicted to guadalupe, them; you cannot sleep without them.

We pay huge amounts of money and become addicted instead of tyrannical, getting better. How about guadalupe, a safer and do nerve do, more economical way of healing? When doing Reiki to treaty, yourself, you do not need anything except your energy so it is very economical. Book Publishing! As for guadalupe hidalgo its history, it was discovered in what cells do, Japan in guadalupe, the early 1900s and its popularity has spread particularly throughout America and Western Europe . In quantum physics, energy is Control of the and Politics, recognized as the treaty guadalupe hidalgo fundamental substance of book, which the treaty guadalupe hidalgo universe is Essay on Corporate of the, composed. Reiki depends on the energy within our bodies.

It is a simple and treaty, effective way of restoring the energy flow. Culture Was Dedicated To Providing! There are no side effects and guadalupe hidalgo, it is prokaryote cells, scientifically explained. Opponents of alternative healing methods also claim that serious illnesses such as HIV/AIDS and treaty guadalupe hidalgo, cancer cannot be treated without drugs. Do! They think so because these patients spend the rest of guadalupe, their lives in the hospital taking medicine. Book Publishing Industry! How can Reiki make these people healthy again? It is hidalgo, very unfortunate that these patients have to live in grabbers, the hospital losing their hair because of chemotherapy, losing weight because of the treaty guadalupe side effects of the egyptian a home medicine they take. Treaty Hidalgo! Actually, it is common knowledge that except for do nerve cells do when the cancer is diagnosed at an early stage, drugs also cannot treat AIDS or cancer. Treaty Hidalgo! Most of the medicine these patients use are to ease their pain and attention grabbers for essays, their sufferings because of the medical treatment they undergo. Instead of hidalgo, drugs which are expensive and have many side effects, you can use your energy to overcome the hardships of life, find an emotional balance, leave the stress of everyday life and let go of the egyptian everyday worries.

Most of the chronic conditions such as eczema or migraine are known to have causes such as poor diet and stress. Deep-rooted anger or other strong emotions can contribute to viral infections as well. Since balancing our emotions and hidalgo, controlling our thoughts are very important for of the and Politics our well-being, we should definitely start learning Reiki and avoid illnesses before it is treaty guadalupe hidalgo, too late. Some people may still maintain that in our material world, everything depends on time. Tragicomedy Examples! It is treaty hidalgo, even “lacking time” that causes much of the cells do stress that leads to treaty hidalgo, the illnesses we mentioned. How would it be possible to find time to do Reiki to united, ourselves and guadalupe, the people around us when we cannot even find time to go to the theater? This is one good thing about culture a home, Reiki; it does not require more than 15 minutes of treaty, our time. There is tyrannical, no need for changing clothes or special equipment. Treaty Guadalupe! It is prokaryote cells, a wonderfully simple healing art, an guadalupe effective method of industry, relaxation and stress-relief. Most important of guadalupe hidalgo, all, it is less time consuming than medicine if we think of prokaryote, all the treaty guadalupe time we spend taking medicine for do nerve cells do some complaints and taking some more for the side effects as well.

Having said these, resistance to Reiki would be quite illogical. Guadalupe! Reiki is natural and Essay Media, drug-free. Guadalupe! What is tragicomedy examples, more, it is easy to learn by anyone, regardless of guadalupe hidalgo, age and experience. Do Nerve Do! It can be used anywhere, anytime. Treaty! It also enhances physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being and the benefits last a lifetime.

It is definitely high time to get away from the drug boxes we store in for essays, our drug cabinet!

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Treaty guadalupe hidalgo

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lyric essay sample First published in The Believer, July, 2003. The Genre Artist. If a story takes place, as we are told stories do, then who or what does it take that place from, and treaty hidalgo why is an acquisition verb—take—necessary to describe the activity of stories? Maybe it’s an unfair, literalizing question. Not all figures of speech need to be prodded for accuracy (although shouldn’t a phrase relating to stories, which are made of language, have some passing precision?). Publishing Industry? Stories would keep taking place whether or not we worried about what it meant for treaty hidalgo them to do so, or worried about to providing, what stories actually did instead. But if we poked at this strange phrase, which suggests a theft of setting in order for treaty hidalgo narrative to occur, we might also deduce that if a place is book industry taken for treaty guadalupe hidalgo something to examples happen in treaty hidalgo, it, then this taking must happen at a specific time (that’s what the word “happen” asks us to believe, anyway). The verb “take” presumes duration, implies a moment (unless we take a break from prokaryote time or take the treaty opportunity to no longer experience time , options that are difficult, at attention grabbers, best, to treaty guadalupe secure, unless we die).

It is this specific time that is egyptian to providing a home meant to concern us when we encounter what is likely the most well known (i.e., terrifying) story opener of all: once upon hidalgo a time. Imbedded in of the, this innocent phrase, which I would like to prod for treaty guadalupe hidalgo the rest of this paragraph until it leaks an interesting jelly, is a severally redundant claim of do nerve cells occurrence, perhaps the first thing a reader, or listener, must be promised (reader: consumer of artificial time). For the sake of contrast, to look at treaty guadalupe, a more rigorously dull example, the opener “I have an attention for essays, idea” does not offer the treaty same hope, or seduction, or promise (particularly if I am the “I”). Even the verb is static and suggests nothing approximating a moment. Time is being excluded, and look at all the what do nerve cells do people already falling asleep. “Once upon a time” is guadalupe far more promising (something happened, something happened!). We might need to believe that the clock is ticking before we begin to Essay Control of the and Politics invest our sympathies, our attentions, our energy. Fiction has, of course, since dropped this ingratiating, hospitable opener in favor of subtler seductions, gentler heraldings of story.

But it is rare not to treaty guadalupe hidalgo feel the clock before the first page is done, a verb moving the people and furniture around (whereas “having an idea” does not allow us to picture anything, other than, possibly, a man on a toilet). The physical verbs are waiting to assert themselves, to grabbers provide moments that we are meant to believe in, and verbs, traditionally, are what characters use to treaty guadalupe hidalgo stir up the what do nerve cells trouble we call fiction. Without physical verbs we have static think pieces, essays, philosophical musings. There is guadalupe no stirring, because generally there is nobody there holding a spoon. This will be an interesting distinction to remember. Maybe this is as it should be, since Proust said the duty of the literary artist was to tragicomedy examples tell the treaty hidalgo truth about time. Aside from egyptian culture blanching at the notion of duty, which is hidalgo one of the required notions to blanch at, it seems clear to me that Proust’s edict, interpreted variously, has served as a bellwether for most thriving traditions of fiction (which held true, of course, before Proust articulated it). If fiction has a main theme, a primary character, an occupation, a methodology, a criteria, a standard, a purpose (is there anything else left for tragicomedy fiction to have?), it would be time itself. Fiction is the production of false time for readers to experience. Most fiction seeks to become time . Without time, fiction is treaty nonfiction. Yes, that’s arguable—we have Borges, Roussel, Christine Brooke-Rose, and book publishing Robbe-Grillet, after all, among others, to tell us otherwise, and it is in part their legacy, their followers (witting or not), whose pages will be shaken here until we have something that counts for treaty a portrait of publishing this anti-story tradition.

One basic meaning of narrative, then: to create time where there was none. A fiction writer who tells stories is a maker of time. Not liking a story might be akin to not believing in its depictions of time. It sounds facile to say that stories occur, but it is part of the larger, relentless persuasion that time both is and envelops the guadalupe practice we call story. We cannot easily separate the two. Yet if time is the attention grabbers for essays most taken-for-granted aspect of fiction writing, it would seem precisely like the good hard wall a young, ambitious writer would want to bang his head against, in order to walk and guadalupe hidalgo talk newly in the world of on Corporate Control of the fiction (that’s still the desire, right?). To the guadalupe hidalgo writer searching for the obstacle to tragicomedy examples surpass , time would look plenty worthy a hurdle.

If something must be overcome, ruined, subverted in order for fiction to stay matterful (yes, maybe the hidalgo metaphor of progress in literary art is attention for essays pretentious and tired at this point (there’s time again, aging what was once such a fine idea)), then time would be the thing to beat, the thing fiction seemingly cannot do without, and therefore, to guadalupe hidalgo grow or change, must. John Haskell is among an do nerve do, intriguing new group of writers chiseling away at the forms of fiction writing without appearing exhaustingly experimental (read: unreadable). Treaty Guadalupe Hidalgo? Haskell is what do nerve cells working primarily without or around time, producing fiction that might appear more essayistic, discursive, inert, philosophical, and, well, literally timeless (which is not yet to say that his debut book is for the ages ). Yes, I said “inert,” because things do not have to move to be interesting. Treaty Hidalgo? Think mountain. Think dead person. Think thought. I say “think,” because Haskell is a thinker, and although he writes often about film, you could not film what he writes.

I Am Not Jackson Pollock contains some storylike moments, but it is primarily a new kind of fiction, one that, curiously, hardly seems interested in fiction at all (which is not to suggest that it reads autobiographically—the opposite is true, which makes a great case for secret-keeping). Haskell might be indebted to Essay on Corporate Media and Politics Borges, but not in the way most so-called imaginative writers are. There’s no obsession with infinity and treaty hidalgo worlds within worlds, no conceptual masterminding at work to showcase a stoner’s tripped-out, house-of-Escher mentality, not much that would qualify as being made up. Haskell is more interested in using modest, unassuming forms of nonfiction, as did Borges or Sterne (albeit Haskell does not perpetrate extravagant untruths): the publishing essay, the report, the biographical sketch, the character analysis (this last is Haskell’s favorite, from real people like Glenn Gould and Jackson Pollock, to treaty hidalgo film characters like Anthony Perkins’s innkeeper in Psycho , to Topsy, the first elephant executed by electricity). Haskell does not write characters so much as he writes about grabbers for essays, them, and guadalupe it is grabbers this willful instinct toward exposition that is so curiously distinctive and unusual in the story-driven world of guadalupe most new fiction. A fair question here might be this: where is the fiction in this, if these “stories” of Haskell’s refuse story and then faithfully essay to supply information, respectable information, analysis, and reflection, just as nonfiction might?

And one fair answer might be: John Haskell’s primary fiction, overriding his entire project, the place where his fiction is what cells located, is precisely in his puzzling gesture of calling these pieces fiction in the first place. He is fictionalizing his genre. Treaty Hidalgo? Or, in other words, his fiction is genre itself. Haskell is not an artist in grabbers, a particular genre, he is an artist of genre. To do what Haskell does is to take several genuine risks, which occasions a word or two about risk. What could a writer in our country possibly be risking, other than his own pride, livelihood, or publishability, which are not exactly noble losses should they actually be lost? (Many of us began writing without pride and publishability anyway, and guadalupe I’m not exactly clear what livelihood is.) Yet risk is the most urgent exhortation of what we are supposed to on Corporate Media and Politics take when we write fiction (which is somehow different from the kind of taking a story does when it takes place). Fiction is treaty guadalupe hidalgo praised when it is called “risky,” but this sort of risk usually involves shattering, shameful disclosures. (I could fill the rest of tragicomedy examples this essay with examples of shattering, shameful disclosures, but maybe just one will do: while wrestling with my dog, experimenting on a new hold called “the Sumatra,” we ended up horizontal on the lawn, head to guadalupe hidalgo toe, and thereupon commenced a directed nuzzling, a purposeful mouth-to-balls activity, that in some quarters of prokaryote academe is referred to as the sixty-nine, which then became a standard “variation” on the “Sumatra,” well into adulthood (especially into hidalgo, adulthood)).

With secret-telling having become its own lucrative industry, it’s hard to cells fathom what a risk of subject-matter might be (though I’m certain better, scarier secrets are approaching in next season’s books, however ill-equipped my imagination is to conceive them). Risks of form, on guadalupe hidalgo, the other hand, might seem more provocative, more inherently interesting to those attuned to the established modes and means of fiction writing (Hey, you guys!), but the risk more often cited in cells, these cases is the guadalupe hidalgo financial sort that a publisher takes in publishing such work. They risk not selling enough books. And they are sorry but they cannot take that risk (it is interesting that the writer is supposed to be risky while the publisher is egyptian culture a home not). Risk might very well have a more palpable financial meaning than an artistic one. So while it is hidalgo no longer clear what literary risk is—perhaps the term has been molested to death, like those other harassed words: edgy, innovative, startling, stunning—it could be more appropriate to say that within the larger, hapless chance-taking of writing at all (when indifference is about the to providing scariest, and likeliest, response most of us might face), writing fiction without story seems especially curious, willfully self-marginalizing, and therefore very much worth considering. (No, not all obscure literary gestures are “interesting,” but something akin to treaty playing golf without one’s body, as John Haskell might be doing, is.) The shopworn adage “show-don’t-tell” reinforces the ethos that fiction must have a story, and warns a writer away from discursive, essayistic moments and exposition, which apparently amount to tragicomedy a kind of quicksand for the writer (a statement that presupposes motion as a valuable aspect of fiction writing). Treaty? Haskell’s quicksand is rich as a batter and quite worth getting trapped in, although so much inertia can feel confining. If we are to cells be cast in mud, and then smothered, we want our demise to be fascinating. Treaty Guadalupe? Telling is supposedly insufficient, it cannot produce a quality demise, since it does not dramatize a moment, or in fact does not even supply a moment at all. Telling is stingy with time.

Yet even though we “tell” a story, we only do it well when we do not actually tell it, but show that story occurring in time. Book? Does telling fail because it discriminates against the notion of treaty moments entirely? Take this paragraph in Haskell’s story, “The Faces of Joan of Arc.” Hedy Lamarr, through most of the movie, takes the side of those in authority, which is prokaryote not the same as having authority. Treaty? Obedience is a way of reconciling oneself to a lack of authority or a lack of choice.

But it’s not the only way. This is attention grabbers a funny (read: not-so-funny) way to start a section in a story, but this is treaty guadalupe hidalgo Haskell in his psychological mode, and it’s a tone he turns to frequently, which can make parts of this book sound eerily similar to egyptian culture to providing a home the DSM-IV-TR Case Studies: A Clinical Guide to Differential Diagnosis . His exposition is treaty dutiful and tragicomedy persistent, but he oddly does not seem to be using it to generate sympathy, which is what a narrative writer might hope for after disclosing details of character. Minimalism in fiction, which at its best extracted psychology purely from surfaces, would be anathema to Haskell. One of his favorite things to do, his pet point throughout the book, is to probe the interior conflicts within a character, but the effect is guadalupe rather more coldly intellectual than warmly empathic: She creates a space between what she does and tragicomedy examples who she feels she is, so at least she can live with a little peace.He wanted to let whatever it was inside of him come out, and then change it, and by changing that he was hoping everything else would change.

Inside that bubble he could relax and treaty let who he was come out. She waited until what the camera wanted was fairly close to what she wanted, and although this wasn’t a perfect arrangement, she could pretend to attention for essays stand it. … the man wanted to bring out whatever it was inside the boy. Haskell is treaty guadalupe expert at clarifying the moments when his characters feel estranged from themselves. The defiance of Haskell’s title is a form of self-denial echoed throughout most of attention these stories. Guadalupe Hidalgo? He is so shrewd at depicting this sort of moment, that for him it is apparently sufficient to Control of the carry whole stories. Once he has achieved the revelation, he seems ready to end his story. If he has a deficiency, it’s his inability to convert his fascinations into treaty guadalupe, whole pieces of writing that prove the artistic adequacy of his idea. If Haskell is desperate to industry show us how people hide from themselves and conspire against their own better interests, working as multiple identities in agonizing contexts—which is, after all, a familiar enough idea routinely explored, or dramatized, by many writers—then it’s upon him to make our experience of this idea immediate, visceral, and potently refreshed.

Maybe it’s not upon him , but when the idea is centralized, as it is in Haskell’s work, and narrative is deliberately excluded, there is a risk when that idea does not seem novel. To be fair, Haskell has no real comforting tradition to fall back on, to treaty guide him in his efforts, so he must invent for himself what an ending, in this sort of writing, might look like. Essay On Corporate Control Of The? It’s an original path he has chosen, and it will be rewarding to watch this exceptional writer as he navigates this new territory for fiction. When a prose writer such as Haskell surmises a distinction between story and fiction, as he so intriguingly has, a critic can safely ask after the treaty guadalupe hidalgo absent story and not be upbraided for assuming that fiction must have one. A writer thus interested anyway in dividing the two projects risks an error of grabbers category, or at the least risks being read incorrectly (not that reading correctly sounds like a very compelling thing to be doing). But when, for example, David Markson, an expository novelist who fired the starting gun for fictions of information and proved that pure exposition can be alarmingly moving, who purposefully tells instead of shows, is dismissed in The New York Times for treaty guadalupe hidalgo failing to provide a story in his novel Reader’s Block , no discussion follows about why, exactly, fiction must have one (at 150 words in publishing industry, the book review, how could any discussion follow?). Nor do we learn what a story might have looked like in guadalupe, such an exquisitely felt book that, to summarize, catalogs the various ways historical figures have hated whole races of people and/or died by their own hands. (Yes, you should read this book.)

Markson should have presumably, under the fiction-must-have-a-story criteria , zeroed in on one of his hundreds of characters and gone deep, doing that good old-time psychological work, the industry person-making stuff, dramatizing how such an interesting fellow had gone on to hate Jews and/or kill himself. Markson should have used more words like “then.” He should have sequenced. He seems to have forgotten that literature is supposedly a time-based art. Markson’s amnesia is treaty hidalgo one of the happy accidents of the last decade of fiction writing. Prokaryote? By eschewing a fetishistic, conventional interest in character, or a dutiful allegiance to guadalupe moment creation, to occurrence itself, Markson accomplishes what a story, slogging through time and obedient to momentum, arguably could not: a commanding, obsessive portrait of single behaviors throughout history, a catalog of atrocity that overwhelms through relentless example. In truth, it’s a novel that can be read as an essay, but unlike most essays, it’s lyrically shrewd, poetry in the form of history, and it’s brave enough to provide creepy, gaping holes where we normally might encounter context (the burden of the conventional essayist).

This might explain a new category of writing, the lyric essay, swelling special issues of literary magazines (such as The Seneca Review ) and, in particular, a new, provocative anthology: The Next American Essay , edited (orchestrated, masterminded, realized) by John D’Agata, the form’s single-handed, shrewd champion. The lyric essayist seems to enjoy all of the liberties of the fiction writer, with none of a fiction writer’s burden of unreality, the nasty fact that none of this ever really happened that a fiction writer daily wakes to. One can never say of the lyric essayist’s work that “it’s just fiction,” a vacuous but prevalent dismissal akin to criticizing someone with his own name. Egyptian Was Dedicated A Home For What?? The lyric essay is a rather ingenious label, since the essayist supposedly starts out with something real, whereas the fiction writer labors under a burden to prove, or create, that reality, and can expect mistrust and treaty guadalupe doubt from cells a reader at the outset. In fiction, lyricism can look like evasion, special pleading, pretension. Treaty Guadalupe Hidalgo? In the essay, it is apparently artistic, a lovely sideshow to The Real that, if you let it, will enhance what you think you know. The implied secret here is prokaryote cells that one of the guadalupe hidalgo smartest ways to publishing write fiction today is to treaty guadalupe hidalgo say that you’re not, and then do whatever you very well please. Fiction writers take note. To Providing? Some of the best fiction is these days being written as nonfiction. The Next American Essay proceeds chronologically from 1975 to guadalupe 2003, from John McPhee (a re-animated Monopoly game) to Jenny Boully (all footnotes, no text), with D’Agata practicing his own artful transitions before each piece, waxing witty, smart, personal, mute, cleverly obtuse, passionate, lucid, myopic.

D’Agata’s transitions alone, which show how alive an anthology can be, and would make any editor envious, provide a toolbox of egyptian was dedicated to providing for what? categorically adulterous leapfrogs that could outfit a whole new generation of treaty hidalgo writers with the cells do skills to launch an guadalupe hidalgo, impressive and relevant movement of writing. D’Agata as editor seems capable of reconfiguring almost anyone’s writing, like Robert Ashley collating found music into what, his own opera. D’Agata decides what’s beautiful and makes it so through expert arrangement. There are writers here, Sherman Alexie among them, who must have been surprised to discover their stories qualified as lyric essays. D’Agata justifies the choice of hidalgo Alexie by claiming that fiction is a protective term, providing shelter for difficult material, which is really essayistic in nature. All fiction writers should be so lucky. The flagship practitioner of the lyric essay, who seems early on to have inspired D’Agata’s editorial imagination, is the Canadian poet Anne Carson.

Under the banner of poetry, Carson has produced some of the most rigorously intelligent and beautiful writing of the last ten years: essays, stories, arguments, poems, most provocatively in her early collection, Plainwater . Her piece, “Short Talks,” which she describes as one-minute lectures, and which moves through the Essay Control of the Media and Politics history of philosophy like a flip-book of civilization, offering stern commandments and graceful fall-aways, simultaneously qualifies as fiction, poetry, and essay, and is championed protectively by ambassadors from each genre. The loose criteria for the lyric essay seems to invoke a kind of nonfiction not burdened by research or fact, yet responsible (if necessary) to sense and treaty hidalgo poetry, shrewdly allegiant to no expectations of Essay on Corporate Control Media genre other than the hidalgo demands of its own subject. If that sounds strangely like fiction, several of the writers included here, Harry Mathews, Carole Maso, and Lydia Davis among them, first published their pieces in that genre, and will no doubt continue to. Essay Media? Others, like Carson or Boully or Joe Wenderoth, have consistently termed their work poetry. Thalia Field has published her singular writing under the treaty guadalupe label of fiction, although it seems better read as poetry.

Here, of course, it is an essay, as are works of autobiography. David Antin shows up with more of his astonishingly boring diaries, continuing his decades-long ruse of consequence. Thankfully he cannot single-handedly ruin an anthology. David Shields provides a Lishian catalog of cliches that accrue curious meanings and expose how revealing banal language can actually be. Do Nerve Do? And stalwarts like Joan Didion, David Foster Wallace, and Susan Sontag throw in with fierce, ambitious contributions that actually always were essays, although this lack of genre-hopping is in the minority. Sadly absent from hidalgo what is otherwise one of the most significant anthologies published in do nerve cells do, years are a few true voices of the essay who would have fit right in with these other inspired eccentrics, among them: Daniel Harris, Lawrence Weschler, Joy Williams, and Dallas Wiebe. One instantly wonders how the chosen genre appellation liberates or constricts the writer, and treaty hidalgo whether or not John Haskell, absent from D’Agata’s all-star selection, would have fared better (whatever that might mean) under a different label, with someone like D’Agata warming-up for him. Might he be more appreciated as a lyric essayist, an artist of information not saddled by conventional readerly expectations? I ask because Haskell seems to suffer slightly when evaluated as a fiction writer, when one brings hopes of story to his book, which are hard not to bring. Cells? There’s the implied tedium of treaty guadalupe hidalgo fiction not driven by story, particularly if a reader is expecting one (of course tedium, as Robbe-Grillet showed, can have its thrills).

With storyless fiction, one suspects an Essay on Corporate Control of the Media, intellectual lesson is at hand, instead of entertainment (this must either be fun or it must be good for me), with a reader’s pleasure not high on the author’s agenda. Expectation can flatten a reader’s willingness to forestall desires for treaty story. It is similar to feeling forever trapped in publishing, a flashback, waiting for the current scene. A reader saves attention and energy if he senses that what he’s reading is not primary, the treaty guadalupe hidalgo thing itself, and that the real story is ahead, and on Corporate of the Media and Politics attention is the commodity the writer is striving to create, at all costs. Haskell’s book could very nearly be shelved uncontested in treaty guadalupe hidalgo, the film studies section of the bookstore, and here it might perform its rogue fictionalizations with more astonishment, reversing his style of ambush, so to speak, since it is much more a collection of film studies with bursts of unreality, than it is prokaryote cells a burst of unreality with moments of film studies.

It might just be that the genre bending fiction writers—John Haskell, David Markson among them—so far, lack a champion like John D’Agata, although there’s no reason to think that he won’t be luring more fiction writers into his protective, liberating fold, where these categories can cease to matter. Once upon a time there will be readers who won’t care what imaginative writing is called and will read it for its passion, its force of intellect, and for its formal originality.

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Essay on Biosphere: Top 7 Essays on Biosphere | Geography. Here is a compilation of essays on ‘Biosphere’ for class 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12. Find paragraphs, long and short essays on ‘Biosphere’ especially written for school and college students. Essay on the Definition of Biosphere Essay on hidalgo, the Concept of Biosphere Essay on the Sub-Systems of Biosphere Essay on the Components of Biosphere Essay on the Habitat of Biosphere Essay on Energy-Flow in the Biosphere Essay on the Functional Classification of Biospheric Elements. Biosphere is that part of the earth where life exists. The geographical distribution of living organisms reveals that living creatures are found in different sets of environmental conditions. The scientists have discovered many kinds of organisms. Earlier, they were classified into two groups—the plant kingdom and the animal kingdom. The science of classification of organisms is called Taxonomy. In 1969, Whittaker divided all organisms into five kingdoms based on the complexity of cell structure, organisms’ body and mode of obtaining nutrition. 1. Monera (single cell microscopic organisms) like—bacteria.

2. Protista (unicellular, primarily aquatics organisms) like—phytoplankton. 3. Plantae (multicellular phytosynthetic plants) like—sea weeds, algae, mosses, ferns and seed plants. 4. Fungi (multicellular decomposers) like—yeasts, mushrooms etc. There are over 100,000 species of fungi. 5. Animalia (multicellular animal consumers) like—sponges, insects, amphibians, birds, mammals etc.

There are several species under each kingdom. This group also includes human beings. The human beings are called Homo sapiens (homo means man and sapiens means wise). The environment means surroundings. It is cells a collective term embracing all conditions in guadalupe, which an animal lives. There are two types of conditions—physical or abiotic such as air, soil, water, light, temperature, precipitation and biotic conditions which surround and affect the life of the industry organisms. The life of living organisms is so intimately related with the environmental factors of a place that every living being is perfectly adapted to a particular environment.

All the organisms whether plants or animals interact with each other. The study of these interactions between all forms and treaty guadalupe hidalgo environment is called ecology. The term ecology has been derived from the Greek word ‘oikos’ which means ‘house’ and ‘logy’ means ‘science’ or ‘study of’. The German Sociologist Earnst Hackel used the term ‘oekologie’ in Essay Media and Politics, 1869 and he became the first person to use the treaty term. Prokaryote! All the interacting components—biotic and treaty guadalupe abiotic with the group of organisms—are called ecosystem. The biosphere is culture was dedicated to providing a life supporting layer which surrounds the earth and makes plant and animal life possible without any protective device. The ‘organic world or biosphere is that part of the earth which contains living organisms – the treaty guadalupe biologically inhabited soil, air and water’. The biosphere consists of all the living organisms (the biotic compo­nent), energy (the energy component) and physical environment (the abiotic component) and there are continuous interactions between living organisms and physical environment and among the living organisms themselves.

The average thickness of the biosphere or life supporting layer consisting of air, water, soil and rock is about 30 km. The upper limit of the Essay Control of the Media and Politics biosphere is determined by the availability of oxygen, moisture, temperature and air pressure. Decrease in oxygen, moisture, temperature and air pressure with increase in treaty guadalupe hidalgo, height in the atmosphere limits the upper boundary of the biosphere. Though the NASA has discovered the presence of prokaryote bacteria upto the height of 15 km in the atmosphere but the lower layer of the atmosphere upto a few hundred meters accounts for most of the living organisms because favourable environmental condi­tions are available for treaty the growth and development of living organisms in publishing, the lower part of the atmosphere. The lower limits of the biosphere are deter­mined by the availability of required amount of oxygen and light which can sustain life. Thus, the depth of the biosphere over the land is upto the depth of the deepest roots of the trees or the depth upto which can live the burrowing organisms or the depth at which lie the parent bed-rocks. The biosphere extends upto greater depth in the oceans. The existence of treaty life has been detected upto a depth of Essay and Politics 9,000m in the deep oceanic trenches and deep sea plains (fig.

40.1). The biosphere consists of two major systems viz.: (i) Terrestrial biomes systems, and. (ii) Aquatic biomes systems. The terrestrial biomes systems are further comprised of three subsystems viz.: (ii) Animal system, and. (iii) Soil system. These subsystems are intimately interrelated among them­selves through the cyclic pathways of movements and transfer of energy and materials (fig. Treaty Guadalupe Hidalgo! 40.2) whereas the aquatic biomes systems are also composed of three sub-systems viz.: (ii) Animal system, and. These three sub-systems of aquatic biomes system of the biosphere are also intimately interrelated through cyclic pathways of movements of tragicomedy examples energy and matter among themselves. The biospheric ecosystem is affected and treaty guadalupe modi­fied by certain factors either directly or indirectly. These factors are called as modifiers of ecosys­tems.

The factors or modifiers which directly or indi­rectly affect ecosystems are of Essay of the Media three categories e.g.: (i) Physical modifiers, (ii) Chemical modifiers, and. (iii) Biological modifiers. The physical factors affect physical properties of the treaty guadalupe hidalgo atmosphere which in turn affect climate and climate ultimately affects the cells ecosystems. Physical modifires also affect ecosystems through temperature changes, water flow, fire, excavation (min­ing), constructional works etc. The chemical factors affect the composition of the atmosphere which in turn affects climate which ultimately affects the ecosys­tems. Water and soil composition is highly modified by chemical elements and thus modified soil and water affect the ecosystems. Guadalupe Hidalgo! The biological factors like crop­ping patterns, population characteristics, manipula­tion of species density and distribution and species genetics also affect the ecosystems. If we consider the grabbers whole of the biosphere as an treaty ecosystem at global scale, the components of the cells do biosphere and the biospheric ecosystem become the same.

The total physical environment at guadalupe hidalgo global scale also contains the same components as those of the book biosphere and the ecosystem (biospheric ecosystem). The biosphere, the ecosystem and the environment consist of three components viz.: (i) Inorganic or abi­otic or physical components, (ii) Energy component, and. (iii) Biotic or organic component. It may be pointed out that energy component may also be considered with abiotic component. The abiotic or inorganic or physical component of the bisophere or the guadalupe hidalgo ecosystem represents physical environment of the whole biosphere or part thereof. This component, on an average, includes the on Corporate of the Media lithosphere, the atmosphere and guadalupe hidalgo the hydrosphere. Generally, these are considered as land and or soil, air and book industry water respectively. If the whole of the biosphere is taken to be an ecosystem at global scale, these three physical or abiotic components are considered as the sub-systems of biospheric system (ecosystem). In other words abiotic components of the bio­sphere consist of 3 sub-components viz., lithospheric component (land component), atmospheric compo­nent (air component) and hydrospheric component (water component). Only summary of these components is reproduced here.

It is significant to treaty guadalupe, note that though biotic components of the biosphere are most signifi­cant aspects of the study of biogeography but abiotic components involving land, air and water are also studied in this discipline. (1) Lithospheric or Land Component: Lithospheric or Land Component consists of (from smaller to higher) elements (iron, oxygen, nitro­gen, hydrogen, carbon etc.), minerals (hematite, dolo­mite, felspar etc.), rocks and soils, microland forms (relief features of 3rd order viz., erosional and egyptian was dedicated to providing a home depositional landforms produced by exogenetic denudational processes like running water-fluvial proc­ess, groundwater, sea waves-marine process, wind- aeolian process, glaciers and periglacial process), meso- landforms (relief features of 2nd order produced by endogenetic forces namely, mountains, plateaus, faults, folds etc.) and macro-landforms (relief features of 3rd order e.g., continents and ocean basins). The lithosphere accounts for about 29 per cent of the total surface area of the globe. Treaty Guadalupe Hidalgo! The landforms of egyptian culture was dedicated to providing for what? various sizes as mentioned above provide a variety of habitats for the plants and animals. Treaty Hidalgo! Thus, it is necessary to tragicomedy, study the main characteristics of lithospheric compo­nents and all the physical processes, whether exogenetic or endogenetic, which affect the lithosphere – the hidalgo sur­face of the earth. The geological cycle involving a set of processes and examples sub-cycles e.g., tectonic cycle, rock cycle, geochemical cycle, water cycle etc., is responsible for the creation, maintenance, changes or destruction of the materials of the earth for example-elements, minerals, rocks, soils, water and the landform assemblage. Soil system is very important component be­cause soils act as a vital transfer pathways of energy in guadalupe, the biosphere and are very important for the biological cycling of nutrients. The soil system acts a as very important biological furnace between vegetation cover and un-weathered parent rocks.

Soil environment also provides habitats of various sorts to the largest com­munity of cells organic life (biological community). On the treaty other hand, soils act as nutrient reservoirs for living organisms. Soils facilitate the process of root osmosis for examples the transfer of their nutrients to the plants though their roots in solution form. Soil system is also called as a biological factory or laboratory because the guadalupe hidalgo proc­esses of cells creation of rutrients, their consumption and their return are confined to soils. (2) Atmospheric or Air Component: The atmos­phere is a significant component of the biospheric ecosystem because it provides all the gases necessary for the sustenance of all life forms in the biosphere. It also filters the treaty guadalupe hidalgo incoming solar radiation and cells thus pre­vents the ultraviolet solar radiation waves to reach the earth’s surface and hence protects it from becoming too hot. The atmospheric component includes the consideration of the composition and structure (tropo­sphere, stratosphere, mesosphere, thermosphere-iono- sphere and exosphere) of the atmosphere and the elements of weather and climate (insolation, tempera­ture, air pressure, winds, humidity and precipitation, air masses, frontogenesis and fronts, cyclones and treaty guadalupe anti­cyclones etc.). The atmosphere helps in the process of photo­synthesis and drives hydrological cycle. (3) Hydrospheric or Water Component:

The water or hydrospheric component is very important compo­nent of the abiotoc or physical components because it is what cells do very essential element for all types of guadalupe hidalgo life in prokaryote cells, the bio­sphere. Water plays very important role in the circula­tion of treaty hidalgo nutrients in the various components of the ecosystems and it makes biogeochemical cycles effec­tive in the biosphere. The water components consist of tragicomedy examples surface water, subsurface or groundwater and oceanic water. Surface water of the earth surface is found in treaty guadalupe hidalgo, static state (e.g., water of lakes, ponds, tanks, reservoirs etc.) and in dynamic (in motion) state (e.g. surface runoff, streams, springs etc.). The groundwater is found in the pore spaces of regolith known as aquifers. The oceanic water or hydrosphere covers about 71 per cent of the total surface area of the globe. On the basis of size and location the prokaryote cells hydrosphere is divided into oceans, seas, small enclosed seas, bays etc. The hydrospheric compo­nent includes the consideration of origin and character­istics of bottom reliefs (continental shelves, continental slopes, deep sea plains, deeps, submarine canyons etc.), temperature, salinity, ocean deposits, waves and cur­rents, coral reefs and atolls because these determine different types of habitats of guadalupe hidalgo marine organisms.

2. Biotic Components : Biotic or organic components of the biosphere consist of three subsystems e.g.: (2) Animal system including man, and. Of these three sub-systems plants are the most important because plants alone produce organic mat­ters which are used by themselves and by animals including micro-organisms either directly or indi­rectly. Plants also make the cycling and recycling of organic matter and nutrients possible in different com­ponents of the biospheric ecosystem. (1) Plant Component: Social grouping of Essay on Corporate Media plant species is called plant community and plants are basic unit of this community. Plants are found on any land in guadalupe hidalgo, different forms e.g., woodland, forest, meadows, bogs, grassland, marshlands etc.

These different forms of egyptian culture to providing for what? plants are collectively known as vegetation. In other words, ‘all the plants which grow together in any area form its vegetation, the character of which depends not just on the different species present but on the relative proportions in which their members are represented’. Thus, the vegetation of any particu­lar habitat consists of groups of plants of different species or of the same species which are ecologically related, meaning thereby different plant groups are able to occupy the same habitat because of their com­petitive ability and range of treaty tolerance. Plant commu­nity has been defined in a variety of ways by Control Media and Politics, ecologists and bio-geographers e.g.: (1) Social groupings of plant species are called plant community. (2) Plant commu­nity represents groups of plants which occur together and possess a certain degree of unity of individuality. (3) Plant community is a group of plants which occupy a definite physical habitat. (4) Plant community refers to treaty guadalupe, groups of prokaryote cells plant species which have distinctive charac­teristics of their composition and structure in treaty hidalgo, relation to their physical habitat. There are certain characteristics of do nerve cells plant commu­nity e.g.: (i) Plant community consists of treaty guadalupe two or more different species of plants. (ii)The plant species of egyptian culture was dedicated a home plant community are capable of hidalgo growing together in a particu­lar physical habitat which they inhabit and thus different members (species) of a plant community are ecologi­cally interrelated.

(iii) A plant community has a well-defined composition and structure which are attained over attention time through the interactions between different plant species and between plant and their physical environment. (iv) Plant community represents the eco­logical conditions of hidalgo a region or an area or a physical habitat. (v) The structures, composition and growth form of different species of a given plant community reveal the effects of what cells do both mutually interacting biotic and abiotic environments on guadalupe, them. In other words, this is well known fact that the species of plants, their structure, composition and growth form depend upon the nature of mutual interactions between abiotic and biotic compo­nents of the environment, it is easier to do nerve cells, understand the nature and pattern of mutual interactions of treaty guadalupe hidalgo factors (com­ponents, both abiotic and biotic) which affect the species, their structure, composition and growth form. Out of the prokaryote abiotic or physical factors, climate and soil mostly affect the treaty species of plants, their structure and growth form.

In turn plants also affect and control the cells properties of soils and climatic conditions of treaty guadalupe their physical habitat. It appears that plant community not only affects but also determines the productivity of the land of their habitat. Plants are primary producers because they pro­duce their food themselves through the process of pho­tosynthesis. Thus, plants are also called autotrophs. It is evident that plants are the major source of food and energy supply to animals including man. The study of plant components includes the consideration of: (i) Clas­sification of plants, (ii) Major divisions of plant king­doms, (iii) Plant system, (iv) Plants and their environ­ment, (v) Plant communities (including vertical struc­ture, species composition, community development and community hierarchy), (vi) Plant evolution, and. (vii) Distri­bution, dispersal and extinction of plants etc.

(2) Animal Components: On a functional basis the biotic or organic components of biospheric ecosys­tem are divided into two broad divisions e.g.: (i) Au­totrophic component (which represents plants. These have been briefly discussed above), and. (ii) Hetero­trophic component includes those animals which de­pend on autotrophic green plants (primary producers, which produce their food themselves. It may be pointed out that it is not necessary that plants always have roots, this is the reason that some bacteria also fall in the category of plants because they produce their food themselves) for their food. The main functions of het­erotrophic components or animals (primary consumers) include: (i) To use organic matter made available by the autotrophic green plants, (ii) To rearrange the organic matter/elements, and. (iii) To decompose organic elements etc. Organic matters are available to animals in do, three forms e.g.: (i) From living plants and animals, (ii) From partially decomposed plants and animals, and. (iii) From organic compounds in solution form. Thus, heterotrophic animals are classified into 3 broad categories on the basis of the availability of organic matter to them: (A) Saprophytes are those animals which live on organic compounds in solution form derived from dead plants and guadalupe hidalgo animals. (B) Parasites are those animals which depend on other living organisms for their food and life.

(C) Hoiozonic animals are those who take their food through their mouths. All the big animals like elephants, cows, camels, lions etc. are included in this category. Micro-organisms are also known as decomposers because these decompose the a home for what? dead plants and animals and treaty hidalgo other organic matter in different forms. During the process of decomposition of organic matter micro-organisms obtain their food as well as they differentiate and separate complex organic mat­ters and thus make them simple so that these may be again used by autotrophic primary producer green plants. A large number of microbacteria and fungi are included in the category of micro-organisms.

There are three stages of the study of animals and tragicomedy micro-organisms e.g.: (1) Identification of guadalupe all animals and what do nerve micro-organisms in a given region, (2) Classifica­tion of treaty guadalupe hidalgo all identified animals and micro-organisms, and. (3) The study of distributional patterns, evolution and extinction of prokaryote cells animals. It is significant to point out that animal kingdom includes a variety of animals and micro-organisms ranging from treaty, microscopic organisms to giant whales. The number of animals and micro­organisms in the biospheric ecosystem is unlimited. Though all organisms in the biosphere could not be identified and named yet animals are classified into seven successive groups (from higher order to Essay on Corporate of the Media and Politics, lower order) on the basis of available knowledge e.g.: (i) Animal kingdom, The distribution of animals, their evolution, dispersal, extinction, rela­tionships between animals and their physical environ­ment, the hidalgo roles of prokaryote animals in the ecosystems, relation­ships between plants and hidalgo animals and their physical environment. The other properties of book publishing industry ecosystems viz., ecosys­tem productivity, ecosystem stability and instability etc. Energy flow in treaty, the ecosystem (sources of industry energy, ecological produc­tion, trophic levels, food chains, ecological pyramids, flow of energy etc.) and circulation of elements in the ecosystem.

Essay # 5. Habitat of treaty hidalgo Biosphere: The natural home or environment of an animal, plant or other organism. The habitat must offer food, shelter and climatic conditions which will be well suited for the organism to survive, breed and flourish. The habitat is a part of the total environment. A habitat comprises of both biotic and abiotic components. For example, the habitat of a tiger must have small animals for the tiger to do nerve do, hunt and feed on. It should have thick vegetation in the form of shady trees and shrubs where tiger can hide and lie in wait for its prey. These components may not be available in all forests and so is the tiger. The total life-containing and treaty life-supporting environment of the world is industry restricted to hidalgo, a very thin and irregular veil around the globe. To Providing For What?! The total thickness of biosphere is about 21 km (10 km in air and guadalupe 11 km in water from the tragicomedy earth’s surface).

The biosphere consists of three major types of habitats: (i) Aquatic Habitat, (ii) Terrestrial Habitat, and. (iii) Aerial or Arboreal Habitat. (i) Aquatic Habitat: Water forms the habitat of a very large variety of organisms, called aquatic organisms. Some well-known aquatic organisms are algae, fishes and treaty guadalupe hidalgo whales. If they live and breed in sea water, they are called marine and if they live and breed in pond, lake, river, they are called fresh water organisms. Fresh water habitat may be lentic pertaining to egyptian to providing a home, still water as lakes, ponds or bogs, or it may be lotic pertaining to running water as rivers, streams, brooks, etc. (ii) Terrestrial Habitat: Organisms that live and propagate on land are called terrestrial organisms.

Trees, elephants, men, tigers and treaty so on are some of the examples of this kind. (iii) Aerial or Arboreal Habitat: The organisms that use air (sky) for their activities are called aerial or arboreal organisms. Attention Grabbers For Essays! Birds fall under this category. In addition to the above, some organisms’ life like frogs, crocodiles etc. use both water and land as their habitat and are called amphibious organisms. Essay # 6. Energy Flow in the Biosphere : All organisms need food as a source of energy for growth and treaty guadalupe reproduction.

On the what cells basis of feeding habits organisms may be divided into three major groups: (i) Producer organisms: Producer organisms are able to treaty, manufacture their own food from publishing industry, solar energy through the process of photosynthesis. All green plants, blue-green algae and some bacteria belong to this category. (ii) Consumer organisms: Consumer organisms depend on other organism for food.

Animals fall in this group. Consumers are divided into two categories—carnivores and herbivores. Herbivores are called primary consumers as they solely depend on plants. For example, deer, horse, zebra etc. Carnivores are secondary consumers as they depend on herbivores. For example, tiger, lion, etc.

Man’s food consists of both plants and animals and so they are called omnivore. Decomposers causes a substance to rot or break up in to simpler part. Treaty Guadalupe Hidalgo! It help to decompose dead plants and animals. They depend only on decomposition, as their food. Do Nerve Cells Do! For example, bacteria, fungi, earth-worms, etc., are properly balanced and self-sustained. Essay # 7. Functional Classification of Biospheric Elements : Elements of the biosphere are divided in four categories on treaty guadalupe, functional basis: (1) Abiotic (physical) ele­ments include basic elements of the tragicomedy examples habitats and dead organic compounds.

(2) Producers are primarily autotrophic green plants and are intermediaries between abiotic and guadalupe hidalgo biotic components of the biosphere because they manu­facture their food through photosynthesis and derive nutri­ents from the soils through root osmosis. Herbivores and carnivores (consumers) depend for their food on producers. (3) Consumers are heterotrophic organisms which include animals and man and tragicomedy examples are further divided into primary consumers (herbivores), secondary consumers (carnivores) and omnivores. (4) Decomposers are micro-organisms which decompose dead plants and animals. Before uploading and sharing your knowledge on this site, please read the following pages: