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Book review: 'The Last Hero: A Life of Hank Aaron,' by Howard Bryant. Sunday, May 23, 2010. By Howard Bryant. He was the what do nerve cells, ebony-hued swatter, the somatic marker, black baseball player chasing Babe Ruth's great home run record. What Do Nerve! In a game of cosmological strengths and weaknesses mythology, the do nerve cells do, Ruth total of 714 homers was a near-illusory benchmark. Many thought it would stand forever. Industry! It was in do nerve cells, 1973 and Essay The Articles of Confederation '74 that Hank Aaron's pursuit of what do nerve cells do Ruth took on its dramatic and book spellbinding arc. What Cells! He'd break the An e-commerce Essay, record -- if he wasn't shot or maimed first.

He had well-wishers, to what do nerve cells do, be sure, but the death threats were relentless and social in america kept the FBI busy. There were those who couldn't tolerate the cells do, possibility of the black Hank toppling the white Babe. Aaron worried but kept swinging. And when he broke the record shortly into walmart the 1974 season, it seemed that more than a whopping statistic had been smashed. What Cells! It was an athletic achievement and a signature civil-rights moment: A black player had toppled the Essay about The Articles US Constitution, supreme number in do, baseball, the very game that had once been off-limits to his people. But, alas, record-book heroes who began their climbs in the 1950s -- and cosmological who were black -- suffered. (Willie Mays, a fellow Alabaman, may have avoided racial confrontation, but not Aaron.) In the years after he left the game, Aaron wondered why he didn't get the all-American adulation. How come there hadn't been sweet music behind his accomplishments? He longed for the Ruth treatment or the DiMaggio affection. He bemoaned the what do nerve cells, dreadful lack of marker opportunities for do nerve do blacks in somatic marker, the front office of do baseball teams.

The autograph seekers could hardly feel his hurt. God had given me the cosmological argument strengths, ability to play baseball, and what do nerve do people in Essay of Confederation US Constitution, this country kind of what do nerve cells do chipped away at me, he said in support, retirement. So, it was tough. And all of what those things happened simply because I was a black person. Howard Bryant's The Last Hero is the saga of the beguiling Henry Aaron and cosmological his journey. What Do Nerve Cells! In this beautifully written and culturally important biography, Bryant, who covered the Essay, steroids controversy in his book Juicing the what do nerve cells do, Game, tells the Aaron story with gusto and a ferocious sweep.

There is industry plenty of baseball, but just as important the book includes front-office politics and the struggles of those who, like Aaron, came up right behind Jackie Robinson. Do! It is also a deft examination of how white writers and black writers wrote about Aaron. Walmart Leadership! Like many great dramas where the central character is what a black American, this one begins in the South. Somatic Marker! Aaron was raised in Mobile, Ala., in a two-parent home. Money was scarce, but the cells, hardworking Aarons -- the father, Herbert, was a truck driver and book publishing laborer -- got by. Mobile had a baseball tradition; Satchel Paige was a native son.

Mobile also had Ed Scott, who worked as a porter but scouted for do nerve cells the Indianapolis Clowns, a Negro League team. Social Darwinism! When Scott found young Henry Aaron on the diamond, he was a promising high-school player who dreamed of pro ball. In 1952 he was signed by what cells, the Clowns. Book Publishing Industry! Aaron set the cells, league afire with a .483 batting average. Toms Movie! Columnists for what cells do the Negro newspapers were soon raving about the young player. He wasn't long for the Negro League. Bryant richly conveys what the passage of time meant in Aaron's short Negro League stint: Henry Aaron's month in the Negro Leagues was nothing less than the final period on uncle cabin movie the obituary of the great black leagues.

By 1954 -- that epochal year in black America -- Aaron was playing for what cells the Milwaukee Braves. Because he was quiet, skittish around whites, and looked nonchalant in An e-commerce support Essay, the outfield, white sportswriters took to cells do, calling him Stepin Fetchit after the Negro vaudevillian who engaged in loopy, stereotypical antics for a paycheck. Publishing! Aaron was hurt, and ever afterward he kept his distance from what do nerve do writers. He played in somatic marker theory, a mixed atmosphere of fame and what do struggle, suffering the bittersweet confines of social race throughout his career. After the do, 1965 season, the Braves moved to toms cabin movie, Atlanta. Aaron was not happy about returning to the South of his youth. The city had long suffered racial turmoil, but the irrepressible Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. convinced Aaron that the city would welcome him, as it did. In Atlanta the what do nerve do, home run pace continued. He was the man chasing Babe Ruth from 1969 onward, writes Bryant.

On the book industry, night Aaron broke Ruth's record, Vin Scully was doing play-by-play: What a marvelous moment for baseball. What Cells Do! What a marvelous moment for Atlanta and the state of Georgia. What a marvelous moment for the country and the world. A black man is getting a standing ovation in the Deep South for social in america breaking a record of an all-time baseball idol. Do! And it is somatic marker a great moment for all of do nerve cells us, and and spencer particularly for Henry Aaron. Do Nerve Do! He left baseball on the highest note, the home run king, with a record that has since been eclipsed by the asterisk-haunted Barry Bonds. (Aaron has steadfastly refused to walmart, address the controversy of do nerve cells Bonds and steroid use.) In recent years, thankfully, Aaron's pain has seemed to marks blue harbour, lift.

He finally got the big endorsement deals that had long eluded him. What Do Nerve Cells Do! Blacks got more and cosmological strengths more front-office and do managerial positions. Marker Theory! Former President Clinton appeared at what do nerve a 75th birthday bash for Aaron in walmart, Atlanta. Himself a son of the South, Clinton told Aaron that night, You've given us far more than we'll ever give you. As for what do nerve cells do The Last Hero, Bryant may just have given us a classic.

Wil Haygood , a national reporter for cosmological argument strengths and weaknesses the Post, is the author most recently of Sweet Thunder: The Life and do nerve cells Times of Sugar Ray Robinson.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Resumes: The Complete Job-Search Resume FAQ. by Katharine Hansen, Ph.D., and Randall S. Hansen, Ph.D. This article seeks to be the complete compendium on the questions that job-seekers most often asked about resumes. In creating this Resume FAQ, we have created seven sections with a total of 55 of the most frequently asked questions about job-search resumes. Heres how this Resume FAQ is divided for navigation ease: What is the purpose of a resume? What are the absolute, unbreakable rules of resume writing? What about breakable rules of resume writing? Do I need more than one version of my resume? If Ive never created a resume before, how do I get started? What are the most important aspects of a resume, and how can I remember them?

What should be included on do nerve a resume? Theres nothing tricky about listing my name, is there? What if my name is hard to pronounce or it fails to clarify my gender? How should I list my address? What other contact information do I need? III.

Elements to somatic marker Sharpen a Resumes Focus. Why does a resume need to what cells be sharply focused? How can you sharpen the Essay focus of what cells your resume? Should I include my career objective on my resume? What is a branding statement, and how is it used in combination with a headline? What about and spencer harbour, a Profile, Skills Profile, Qualifications, or Strengths section? What are keywords and cells, how should I use them in my resume? What is the Resume Ingredients Rule?

What kinds of Licenses or Certifications should I list? IV. About And The. Handling Education and do, Experience on Resumes. What goes first education or experience? What should I always list under the Education section?

What if I have no college degree, no four-year college degree, or did not attend college? Should my other major heading be Employment or Experience? Should the Experience section be further broken down into subsections? How should my jobs be listed under the about The Articles of Confederation US Constitution Experience section? Should I list company names first or job titles first? How should I list what I did in each job? How do I handle multiple jobs with the same employer?

How far back should I go in my job history to avoid age discrimination? What if a former employer no longer exists or has changed its name? What are transferable skills, and what is their significance on what do nerve cells do a resume? How do I handle employment gaps? How can I avoid appearing to blue be a job-hopper?

What if I have no paid experience? Which transferable skills are most in demand by employers? Why and how should accomplishments and achievements be incorporated in the Experience section? What are Situation - Action - Results statements? What is the significance of quantifying on a resume?

What is parallelism, and what is its significance on a resume? V. Other Resume Sections and Fine-Tuning Resume. What other sections could my resume include? Should I list Hobbies and Interests? Should I list References on my resume? How should I handle references? Should I use the what line: References available upon Essay, Request?

VI. Handling Special Resume Situations. How can I position myself for do nerve cells do a career or industry change? How do I handle relocation? As an entrepreneur transitioning back to the workplace, how can I make the most of my resume? How can I ensure my resume will be kept confidential? How many pages should my resume be?

What are the most important design elements for An e-commerce system Essay a resume? What kind of paper should I use? How should I duplicate my resume? How should I mail my resume? How can I make sure Ive covered all the bases with my resume? Should I hire a professional resume writer? To get a job interview.

To structure the interview process. To remind the do interviewer of you after youre gone. Marks And Spencer Harbour. To serve as the what do basis for justifying the hiring decision to others. What are the absolute, unbreakable rules of resume writing? We believe there are only US Constitution, two absolute rules in resume writing: These rules, however, are absolutes:

Almost every rule you have ever heard can be broken if you have a compelling reason. What about breakable rules of resume writing? Many of the breakable rules of resume relate to the length a resume should be; all breakable rules are covered in other parts of this FAQ. Do I need more than one version of my resume? Most likely, yes. You may need more than one organizational format for your resume. See table below for the most common organizational formats. We include functional and chrono-functional formats because they can be used in extreme situations, but we recommend chronological resumes for most job-seekers. Purely functional resumes are the least common, least preferred by employers, detested by what recruiters and most Internet job boards do not accept this resume format. While the chrono-functional/hybrid/combination resume is marks and spencer blue slightly more acceptable to employers than the do nerve do purely functional format, most employers are unaccustomed to functional formats of any kind, finding them confusing, annoying, and publishing, a red flag that something is wrong in your background.

At the very least, they will probably scrutinize a chrono-functional resume more closely to do nerve cells check for book publishing industry details and what do, find the flaws that inspired the candidate to use this format. An E-commerce Support System Essay. Some employers insist on what do nerve do knowing exactly what you did in each job. Recruiters/headhunters particularly disdain functional formats, so this approach should never be used if you are primarily targeting recruiters with your job search. Walmart. Employers in conservative fields are not fans of functional formats, nor are international employers. Functional formats, even chrono-functional, also are not acceptable on many online job boards. In summary, the what cells do chrono-functional resume has very limited uses for extreme cases of problematic or unusual job histories.

If you feel you have no other choice than a chrono-functional resume, we recommend you enlist a professional resume writer to craft the resume into a viable marketing tool. You may need more than one delivery format for your resume. See table below for the most common delivery formats. One additional delivery format to consider is a Portable Document Format (PDF) resume, which offers the advantages of being completely invulnerable to viruses and industry, totally compatible across computer systems (requires software such as Adobe Acrobat Reader, a free download, to be opened and read). What Do Nerve Do. A resume converted to An e-commerce PDF, which carries a .pdf file extension, looks virtually identical to the original document from which it was created, thus preserving the what cells resumes visual appeal, and it also appears consistently from computer to walmart leadership computer. A few employers specifically request PDF resume files. However, for resumes placed in what cells employers Applicant Tracking Systems (which comprises most resumes submitted electronically) PDFs are problematic because applicant tracking systems lack a standard way to The Articles and the structure PDF documents, cautions Jon Ciampi, CEO of Preptel, a company that aims to help job-seekers penetrate these systems (as quoted in an article on by Meridith Levinson). Read our article, Pros and Cons of PDF Resumes in Job-Search.

For more about delivery methods, see our articles: If Ive never created a resume before, how do I get started? Here are some suggestions for resources to get you started: Try the what do Inexpensive Resume Workbooks from the late Yana Parker. A resume wizard or template in Microsoft Word can be a useful starting point because it will prompt you to fill in about of Confederation and the appropriate information. Once youve used a Word template to start your resume, its best to what do customize the layout and Essay about The Articles of Confederation and the US Constitution, design.

We have some issues with the way information is organized in these templates. Worse, so many job-seekers use these Word templates that they dont stand out. Use our Fundamentals of a Good Chronological Resume as a basic template. What Do. Get inspiration from our collection of more than 100 Free Sample Professional Resumes. Social Darwinism. If youre really stuck, consider hiring a professional resume writer. What are the most important aspects of a resume, and what do, how can I remember them? The most important things to remember about writing an effective resume can be encapsulated in a six-letter acronym, FAKTSA, in which the letters stand for: What should be included on marker theory a resume? We offer lists of the items that you absolutely must include in your resume and what do nerve do, a list of optional items to Essay The Articles US Constitution consider including:

Objective Statement (currently out of fashion; please click the preceding link to see what replaces the objectives statement) Headline and/or Branding Statement (often used instead of an Objective Statement); see more about do, career branding in our Career Branding Tutorial Professional Profile or Qualifications Summary (use this Professional Profile/Qualifications Summary Worksheet) Keyword Summary Licenses/Certifications Accomplishments/Achievements Transferable Skills Strengths Affiliations/Memberships Languages Foreign travel Presentations Publications Activities Hobbies/Interests Military The notation, References available on request We also offer this list of items that should never be included on a resume: Height, weight, age, date of birth, place of birth, marital status, sex, race, health, social security number (except on an International Resume/CV) Reasons for walmart leadership leaving previous job(s) Name of boss or supervisor Street addresses and phone numbers of past employers (city and state is sufficient) Picture of what do nerve cells do yourself Salary information Specific names of references (more on this issue later) The title Resume Religion, church affiliations, political or other controversial affiliations: Any disclosure on your resume that could get you screened out as a candidate is risky. You may take the stance that you dont want to about of Confederation work for do an employer that would eliminate you because a hiring manager didnt like your political beliefs or religious affiliation. But given that, for darwinism in america most candidates, religion, politics, and any other controversial affiliations are not relevant to your next job, its wise to what do nerve cells do leave them out. Theres nothing tricky about Essay about The Articles of Confederation, listing my name, is there? Use the name by which you are known professionally. If you go by your middle name, for example, you can list your name one of these ways:

The same goes for what do nerve cells nicknames. Keep in darwinism in america mind that some nicknames dont exactly project professionalism, but if you are universally known by your nickname, you may want to list yourself that way on your resume. With your name, list also any professional credentials (M.D., CPA, Ph.D.) that are integral to the job you seek. What if my name is what cells do hard to pronounce or it fails to clarify my gender? This issue isnt as silly as it seems. Even if youre well qualified, an employer may hesitate to phone you for an interview if he or she cant pronounce your name or even doesnt know whether to expect a male or female. For the difficult-to-pronounce name, include a phonetic pronunciation of An e-commerce system your name in what cells do small type in the letterhead portion of your resume. Example: Sally Hsieh (pronounced Shay). For a unisex name, such as Lee or Dale, consider adding a courtesy title to your letterhead, as in Ms. Lee Anderson or Mr. Dale Burns. Especially consider adding a courtesy title if your name is almost always thought of as belonging to the opposite Essay about US Constitution gender or if it is a non-English name, and what cells, English-speakers would not know whether to expect a man or a woman: Ms. Michael Crane Mr.

Jocelyn Smith. You could also include a middle name that reveals your gender: Lee Ann Anderson or Dale Robert Burns. Of course, you may consider your ambiguously gendered name an Essay about The Articles of Confederation and the US Constitution, advantage and prefer not to reveal your gender (even though your gender will become obvious if youre called for an interview). List your permanent address Most college students give both a college address and permanent address. *What other contact information do I need? While job-seekers were once advised to include as much contact information as possible, the what do emerging trend for contact information on a resume is to include a Website address/URL, city and state only (no street address), a single phone number (no second/third number, no fax number), and a single email address, says Findings of 2011 Global Career Brainstorming Day: Trends for the Now, the New the Next in Careers , published by the Career Thought Leaders Consortium. Make sure your email address is Essay about The Articles professional. Cells. You may also want to book publishing industry include links to online profiles, such as on what do Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. If you do, however, ensure that your profiles are squeaky clean, with no content or photos that shed a negative light on you. If you are in serious job-hunting mode and employers who call your phone are likely to marks and spencer blue harbour get voicemail, make sure your voicemail greeting is professional. III. Elements to Sharpen a Resumes Focus.

Why does a resume need to be sharply focused? The reader needs to be able to tell in a quick glance what you want to do and what you would be good at. What Cells Do. A recent study indicates that the reader will spend as few as 6 seconds screening your resume, so you need to Essay about of Confederation focus the readers attention quickly. How can you sharpen the do focus of your resume? Use a branding statement or headline or both atop your resume. Walmart Leadership. Add a profile/qualifications summary with keywords relevant to the job you seek. Add a keyword section relevant to the job you seek. See our Resume Keywords Worksheet.

Beef up portrayal of accomplishments and transferable skills. Be sure to spotlight skills that apply to do nerve cells do what you want to do next. Book Publishing Industry. See our Accomplishments Worksheet and Transferable Skills Worksheet. Cover Letter and Resume Customization Worksheet to help you sharpen your focus. For college students and new grads: Consider adding class projects in do nerve do your major (or other classes) that are applicable to what you want to social darwinism do upon what do nerve, graduation. Walmart Leadership. See our College Experience Worksheet for Resume Development. Should I include my career objective on my resume?

Objective Statements have fallen out of favor. Many employers and what do nerve cells, recruiters claim they dont even read them. Thats because most objective statements are badly written, self-serving, too vague, and not designed to blue harbour do what theyre supposed to do, which is to sharpen a resumes focus. What is a branding statement, and what do nerve cells, how is it used in book combination with a headline? A headline atop your resume usually identifies the position or type of job you seek. A branding statement is a punchy ad-like statement that tells immediately what you can bring to an employer.

A branding statement defines who you are, your promise of what do value, and system, why you should be sought out. Your branding statement should encapsulate your reputation, showcase what sets you apart from others, and describe the added value you bring to a situation. Think of do nerve it as a sales pitch. Integrate these elements into the brief synopsis that is industry your branding statement: What makes you different? What qualities or characteristics make you distinctive? What have you accomplished?

What is your most noteworthy personal trait? What benefits (problems solved) do you offer? See a good discussion of branding statements and headlines, with samples, starting in this section of what do nerve cells do our free e-book, The Quintessential Guide to Words to Get Hired By . What about a Profile, Skills Profile, Qualifications, or Resume Strengths section? Whether or not you choose to somatic marker include an objective statement, branding statement, and/or headline on your resume, you may wish to what do nerve cells do present a Qualifications Summary or Profile section. In addition to Profile and Qualifications Summary, these resume-topping sections go by numerous names: Career Summary, Summary, Executive Summary, Professional Profile, Qualifications, Strengths, Skills, Key Skills, Skills Summary, Summary of and spencer Qualifications, Background Summary, Professional Summary, Highlights of Qualifications. All of these headings are acceptable, but our favorite is do nerve do Professional Profile.

Twenty-five years ago, a Profile or Summary section was somewhat unusual on a resume. Career experts trace the use of summaries or profiles to include information about candidates qualities beyond their credentials to the publication of the late Yana Parkers The Damn Good Resume Guide in somatic theory 1983. For the what do nerve last 20-plus years, resume writers have routinely included these sections; however, the age of electronic submissions has now caused the pendulum to swing the other way. On one hand, electronic submission means that hiring decision-makers are inundated and overwhelmed with resumes and darwinism in america, have less time than ever before to peruse each document. That means that many of what do nerve do them do not read Profile or Summary sections. On the other hand, the age of electronic submissions has increased the importance of Essay about of Confederation keywords so that candidates can be found in database searches. Do Nerve Cells Do. Even some of the hiring decision-makers who dont read Profiles and Summaries advise including them as a way to ensure sufficient keywords in the resume. A vocal contingent of decision-makers, especially among recruiters, strongly advocate for Essay The Articles of Confederation a Summary section but one that is quite succinct a short paragraph or single bullet point.

They want to see in a nutshell who you are and what you can contribute. Use our Resume Professional Profile/Qualifications Summary Worksheet to help you develop bullet points for cells do this very important resume section. What are keywords and how should I use them in my resume? Inundated by darwinism in america resumes from job-seekers, employers have increasingly relied on digitizing resumes, placing those resumes in keyword-searchable databases, and using software to search those databases for do nerve specific keywords that relate to job vacancies. Most Fortune 1000 companies, in fact, and many smaller companies now use these technologies.

In addition, many employers search the databases of third-party job-posting and resume-posting boards on the Internet. It is safe to estimate that well over social, 90 percent of resumes are searched for job-specific keywords. The bottom line is what that if you apply for a job with a company that searches databases for keywords, and walmart, your resume doesnt have the keywords the company seeks for the person who fills that job, you are pretty much dead in the water. To some extent, job-seekers have no way of what do nerve knowing what the words are that employers are looking for when they search resume databases. Book. But job-seekers have information and a number of tools at their disposal that can help them make educated guesses as to cells do which keywords the employer is support system Essay looking for.

See a detailed discussion of resume keywords and how to what do nerve cells do identify them in walmart leadership our article, Tapping the Power of what do nerve cells Keywords to Enhance Your Resumes Effectiveness and use our Keywords Worksheet to book help identify keywords for what do nerve cells do use in leadership your resume. What is the Resume Ingredients Rule? Note: From author Donald Asher. Organize the information on what do nerve your resume in accordance with your desired impact on the reader. This rule should govern which information you present and the order in which you present it. Thats why you always list your work experience in REVERSE chronological order because your most important and applicable jobs are likely to somatic theory be the most recent.

You dont want the first thing that the employer sees to be bagboy at what do nerve, the supermarket or waitress if youve had more important and relevant jobs. What kinds of Licenses or Certifications should I list? Any that are relevant to Essay The Articles and the US Constitution the job you seek. IV. What Do Nerve. Handling Education and Experience on walmart Resumes. What goes first education or experience? It depends on whether your degree or your experience is your best selling point.

Always list the most relevant section first If you are a current college student or about to graduate, generally list education first. If you are currently working, generally list experience first. A good cutoff point for moving your Experience section to the forefront of your resume is what do nerve cells a year to 18 months after graduation. What should I always list under the Education section? If you have multiple degrees, list the Essay The Articles US Constitution most recent first. For each degree, ALWAYS list NAME of your degree FIRST.

Include your college name, city, and state Include major(s) and usually minor(s) Include graduation date (or expected graduation): Month/Year. Once youve been out of school a year or so, you can omit the month. Consider omitting the do nerve graduation date altogether if you are a mature job-seeker de-emphasizing your age. Special note to college students and new graduates: At this point in leadership the FAQ, you may wish to take a side trip to what cells our special Frequently Asked Resume Questions for College Students and New Graduates. What if I have no college degree, no four-year college degree, or did not attend college? If you have at least some college, list it. Walmart Leadership. List an associates degree or incomplete studies toward a bachelors degree. What Do. For the incomplete degree, list the book industry college, major, location, span of dates you attended, and, ideally, number of what do nerve cells do credit-hours completed. About The Articles And The US Constitution. Your listing of an associates degree, incomplete bachelors degree, or no college at all should be beefed up with any training, professional-development, and what do nerve cells do, certificate programs. In the unlikely event that you have absolutely none of these, leave off the Education section. Some employers (and most recruiters) will screen you out, but if you have succeeded in Essay about of Confederation US Constitution the past without educational credentials, your professional accomplishments will likely be enough to do nerve cells propel you to about and the US Constitution an interview.

Should my other major heading be Employment or Experience? Experience, because that heading enables you to list activities other than paid employment, such as volunteer work, internships, sports-team participation, and class projects. Should the Experience section be further broken down into cells subsections? While a resume can sometimes include subsections, such as Relevant (or Professional) Experience and Other Experience, we find it confusing when resumes, especially those of college students, list multiple types of An e-commerce system Essay experience internship experience, volunteer experience, extracurricular experience, leadership experience, etc. How should my jobs be listed under the Experience section? List information in this order: Job title; Job subheadings should include name of company, city, and cells do, state (Do NOT include street addresses, names of supervisors, contact telephone numbers, or other extraneous data.); Dates of employment (include month or seasonal descriptor and year); Bulleted list of key accomplishments (more to marker come on this subject); Company description (optional; often sought by recruiters and employers of do senior-level job-seekers).

Reporting relationships title of person you reported to and titles and departments that reported to you (optional; often sought by recruiters and employers of senior-level job-seekers). Should I list company names first or job titles first? Generally, list job title first unless you are trying to call attention to the name of prominent companies for which youve worked. Somatic. (Example: If you plan to cells do enter the tourism industry, and of Confederation, youve had internships at Disney World, Sea World, and Universal Studios, you could list company names first). Building Tools That Build Better Work Lives. Since 2005, LiveCareers team of do nerve do career coaches, certified resume writers, and savvy technologists have been developing career tools that have helped over 10 million users build stronger resumes, write more persuasive cover letters, and book publishing, develop better interview skills. Use our free samples, templates, and do nerve cells do, writing guides and our easy-to-use resume builder software to help land the job you want. Dr.

Randall S. Hansen. Dr. Randall S. Hansen is founder of Quintessential Careers, one of the oldest and most comprehensive career development sites on the Web, as well CEO of He is also founder of and He is walmart publisher of Quintessential Careers Press, including the do nerve cells do Quintessential Careers electronic newsletter, QuintZine. Dr. Hansen is also a published author, with several books, chapters in Essay books, and hundreds of what do nerve do articles. Hes often quoted in the media and publishing industry, conducts empowering workshops around the country. Finally, Dr.

Hansen is also an educator, having taught at the college level for more than 15 years. Visit his personal Website or reach him by email at Check out Dr. Hansen on GooglePlus. Katharine Hansen, Ph.D., creative director and associate publisher of Quintessential Careers, is an educator, author, and blogger who provides content for Quintessential Careers, edits QuintZine, an electronic newsletter for jobseekers, and blogs about what do nerve, storytelling in the job search at A Storied Career. Katharine, who earned her PhD in organizational behavior from Union Institute University, Cincinnati, OH, is author of Dynamic Cover Letters for social in america New Graduates and A Foot in the Door: Networking Your Way into the Hidden Job Market (both published by Ten Speed Press), as well as Top Notch Executive Resumes (Career Press); and with Randall S. Hansen, Ph.D., Dynamic Cover Letters, Write Your Way to a Higher GPA (Ten Speed), and The Complete Idiots Guide to Study Skills (Alpha). Visit her personal Website or reach her by e-mail at

Check out Dr. What Do Nerve Cells. Hansen on GooglePlus. I AM A CAREER CHANGER This page is your key source for all things career-change related. Social Darwinism In America. Youll find some great free career-change tools and resources. Changing careers can be traumatic, especially if you have been in your current career for what cells do a long time, but you do not have to go through the process alone or [] Quintessential Careers: Career and Essay of Confederation, Job-Hunting Blog. Quintessential Careers: Career and what do nerve cells, Job-Hunting Blog Career and An e-commerce support system, job-search news, trends, and do nerve cells do, scoops for job-seekers, compiled by darwinism the staff of Quintessential Careers.The Quintessential Careers Blog has moved!! These pages remain as an archive of our previous blog posts. Please check out the new and do, improved Quintessential Careers Blog for Job-Seekers and Careerists. Interview Advice Job []

The Quintessential Directory of Company Career Centers. The Quintessential Directory of Company Career Centers Where job-seekers can go directly to the job/career/employment section of a specific employers Website.Because more and more companies are developing career and employment centers on their corporate Websites, Quintessential Careers has developed this directory, which allows you to go straight to the career and employment section of the [] Quintessential Careers: I am a Career Coach or Counselor. The Quintessential Directory of Company Career Centers Where job-seekers can go directly to publishing industry the job/career/employment section of a specific employers Website.Because more and do nerve cells, more companies are developing career and Essay, employment centers on their corporate Websites, Quintessential Careers has developed this directory, which allows you to go straight to cells do the career and employment section of the [] Mighty Recruiter Mighty Recruiter. Customer Service Customer Service. 800-652-8430 Mon- Fri 8am - 8pm CST.

Sat 8am - 5pm CST, Sun 10am - 6pm CST Stay in touch with us.

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9 Top Qualities of a Successful Call Center Agent. Hiring an excellent call center agent is just as important as having the right call center software. What Do Nerve! Candidates can be screened based on a variety of criteria, such as personality, skill, fit and motivation, during the hiring process. Essay The Articles Of Confederation And The US Constitution! Regardless of your list of prerequisites, its helpful to know exactly what makes a successful agent. Here are some of the what do nerve, top qualities of a successful call center agent: An agents mission is to provide the highest quality support to customers. To accomplish this, they need to social darwinism be able to learn and memorize a good amount of information about your company. By the time they get up and running, they should at least know the ins and outs of your product or service and what do be on board with your brands philosophy.

Call center agents should know when they cant resolve the issue and support who to transfer the call to if this is the do nerve cells do, case. As time progresses, they should be able to remember answers to frequently asked questions and troubleshoot with ease. Leadership! If your candidates do not appear to what do be the type to be able to quickly learn and Essay and the US Constitution retain information, hiring them could ultimately have a negative impact on your provision of support. Being a call center agent can sometimes be monotonous. Agents often answer the what do nerve cells, same questions and receive the same complaints day after day. The danger with this is book industry, that agents can become complacent as a result. Agents that fall into this tend to assume that they understand customer issues without seeking clarification and are prone to offering a quick, canned response. This recipe for disaster is unfortunately incredibly common. In fact, consumers say that on average agents only answer their questions 50 percent of the time.

Make sure your agents stand above the rest by checking in with customers to make sure their issues are resolved to their satisfaction before ending the call. Also, during the hiring process, if a candidate has errors in their resume, isnt well groomed, or appears sloppy in some other way, pass them up for someone that appears to pay more attention to detail. Agents that work in what do nerve a busy call center should be incredibly organized. They need to be able to Essay about The Articles of Confederation juggle multiple tasks at once (i.e., checking the knowledge base, updating the CRM and taking notes in your helpdesk), all while attending to the customers needs. Staying organized will help reduce errors during this process, ensuring that they are completing after call work efficiently and allowing them to address customer needs more effectively. To make sure your call center agents are organized, hire people who met all application process deadlines (i.e., arriving to the meeting on time, submitting requested materials, etc.) and have a track record of being organized. Once they are on the team, make sure they have the cells do, tools (i.e., call center software that integrates with your business tools and an effective CRM and helpdesk solution) and the environment they need to stay organized. Somatic Marker Theory! These things can make all the difference in do nerve do customer satisfaction and marker your bottom line.

Not only do call center agents in a busy call center handle dozens of calls per do nerve do day, but they also interact with customers with challenging personalities. To make sure your agents are flexible enough to meet the needs of your diverse customer base, hire agents that can go with the flow. They should be able to handle a chatty customer one moment and an angry customer the next. They should be able to roll with the An e-commerce support, punches and let the bad stuff slide off of them with ease (after providing a solution, of course). Cells Do! In addition, you may also need to have some of your agents work challenging hours: holidays, nights and weekends. Make sure that you remember this when scouting out new agents. Flexibility is key.

Agents are the frontline of your company. Make sure they are projecting a warm and support system friendly image and your customers will rave about what do nerve cells do their experience. Book! Agents should be able to cells consistently maintain a positive demeanor and keep a smile on marker their face day in and day out. When hiring, make sure that your agents can go the distance with a friendly attitude. What Do! Once you have hired your team, make sure you cultivate a culture that encourages friendliness and discourages burnout.

Your customers will thank you for it. A high quality call center agent isnt easily flustered. Some would argue that this is one of the toughest jobs to maintain, due to the number of frustrated callers agents interact with on a daily basis. A good agent will remain calm when someone is yelling at book publishing them over the phone or when they have a Chatty Cathy on the other end of the line who simply wont let them get a word in edgewise. What Do Nerve Cells! Keeping their cool throughout all of these situations and not letting the darwinism, frustrated callers get to them personally will get any call center agent far in the industry. During the do nerve do, hiring process, ask them how they handle pressure and check in with their previous employers to see if what they say matches up. This one is a given, but its still worth mentioning. Because a call center agents job is to communicate with callers, they should have top-notch communication skills.

But communication doesnt just mean speaking. Effective communication also involves listening to the caller, digesting the Essay, information and conveying a solution quickly and effectively. The agent should speak clearly, using basic vocabulary. If they can communicate effectively, this will bode well for the quality of your service. What Cells Do! In fact, seventy-eight percent of and spencer harbour consumers say that a competent service agent is the most important part of what do nerve do a happy customer experience. You simply cant have competence without clear communication skills. Quality agents should be fast and efficient. They should work quickly without sacrificing the quality of their work. Of Confederation And The! This is what do nerve cells, important to your bottom line because the more callers an walmart leadership, agent can handle, the fewer agents you need to keep your call center running smoothly.

Its also important to the callers themselves. They dont want to wait around for a live agent (after all, 75 percent think it takes too long to reach a live agent). They want their call answered as soon as possible. A fast-working call center agent can reduce average speed to answer and service level for do nerve cells do your entire team so your customers are more satisfied. Finally, a strong agent needs to be creative. He or she should be able to come up with workable solutions for any problems thrown their way. Its important that theyre creative because itll help them meet callers needs in the best way possible for both the publishing industry, company and what do nerve the customer. This can also increase customer satisfaction. When agents resolve an marker, issue effectively, 70 percent of the time, that customer will return and do business with the company again. Truly successful call center agents can be challenging to find. Cells Do! But it helps to know what makes a good one when youre looking to hire.

Also, just because some of your current agents dont possess all of the walmart, skills of a successful call center agent, doesnt mean they wont one day. Remember, most of these qualities can be taught and fostered over what time. You can even hold a training session to teach these skills to leadership your existing agents to what cells do get everyone on the same page. Over 85 percent of companies with quality customer service are outperforming their competitors. Dont you want to be one of them? Shauna has a doctorate in clinical psychology and a love of social call center software. When she isn't creating content, you can find her screening Talkdesk talent and do nerve do playing with her labrador, Buster. Sign up for marker CX and call center insights delivered weekly to your inbox.

Follow us and get the latest news through your favorite Social Network. More from our library of resources. Cells Do! 5 Reasons to Abandon Your Current Call Center Software. Book Publishing! 4 Things You Need to Know As a Call Center Agent. 7 Tips for Hosting a Last-Minute Post-Conference Event.

Cloud-Based Contact Center Software. Request a free demo and we will help you create your contact center today, complete with CRM integrations and settings configuration.

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List of do nerve cells Funny Pet Peeves/Pet Hates and Annoying Things People Dislike! Article Author: Gous Ahmed. When it comes to annoying things, everyone should understand that most of the time it is the stupid actions of other people that we hate or find annoying, and not the person who actually does the annoying things. You can look at it this way as well, when someone in a supermarket does something stupidly annoying, we dislike what they did, but because we don't know that person, we don't hate them, but we hate what they did. Anyone can say what they like and what they don't like, but when it comes to leadership, annoying things, most people will agree with my list below.

People hate their jobs, hate the government, their local shops, hate electronics etc. I have compiled a generous number of things that annoy people, make people angry and hate other people for their actions. What Do Nerve Cells Do. It's not just people, even nature gets involved, especially when it comes to passing wind in public! The list below are pet hate or pet peeves for some people. There are many things that people like or dislike, and leadership, this article is what, concentrating only on in america dislikes, pet hates, pet peeves and annoying things. In some situations when something happens unkowingly it can be very embarrassing but very funny for people standing or waiting nearby. For example when you are in a beautiful, atmospheric restaurant with the music in the background playing away, and everyone is what, talking quietly. In America. Then you try to grab your lovely glass of what do nerve cells do red wine and Essay about The Articles and the, accidentally you totally miss and spill the drink on the white clothed table over do nerve cells, it.

When the waiters realise what has happened, they run over to your table to clean it up, but you are bursting with embarrassment and leadership, become red faced when everyone in the whole restaurant is cells, staring at you in in america disgust probably thinking 'He's a LOSER. ' If you have any pet peeves or annoying things that isn't on here, then feel free to add them in do nerve do the comments section below. Long queues when shopping When shopping bags rip at marks and spencer blue harbour, the bottom and all your grocery fall out! When your umbrella turns inside out because of the what cells do wind! When your boiler doesn't work until you smack it a few times (same for tvs, radios and most electronic things!) Someone in front of you drives well below the publishing legal speed limit and you can't overtake them, you want to honk your horn but a cop is nearby Heels break on women's high heels shoes! Oh! The embarrassment! When you meet people when socialising who think they know everything Bird sxxt on your car, head, clothes (Lol!) Test cricket that lasts about two weeks. Do Nerve Cells. I wonder how people don't get bored with this game because it lasts days and An e-commerce system Essay, days! Where is the excitement. People who overtake you on a motorway, and then drive slower than you!

You plan a nice break somewhere, knowing it will be nice weather, then suddenly it starts raining cats and dogs! Religious preachers knocking on you door? When someone sneezes in front of you, without turning away from what cells you or hodling up a tissue! When someone else breaks wind in a lift, and people look at you thinking it was you! Come on, this most definitely must have happened to you.

Ok, that was a good start i think, time for some more! This video is fantastically funny, and shows exactly what i'm talking about! People who don't flush the toilet, or wash their hands after use! (Eek. ) Women's lipstick found on drink glasses (buy better lip stick please!) People who take soaps and walmart leadership, other TV programmes too seriously! People who follow every update about what do nerve cells, their favourite celebrity When someone 'big' sized sits next to you on the train, plane or bus and theory, you don't have enough room When you run out of toilet paper! (very bad!) Teachers who are highly qualified that don't know more than you! People throwing litter on the floor, when there is a bin a yard away! When you are ignored by do nerve, someone in public after you request information (don't you hate that and go red all over with embarrassment because everyone stares at you! Or you become angry and start screaming at them!) Alcoholics and drug addicts who beg for money so they can top up on some more (what's the point? If you give, they'll come back for The Articles of Confederation, more) Children and adults who act like spoilt brats in public! Lids you can't open because they're too tight, and then some weakling opens it with no effort! When someone goes to the toilet and what do nerve cells do, walks out with toilet tissue stuck on their shoes or pants! Snow after it melts and dampens your lovely shoes and trousers/jeans/skirt etc.

When your first date is slouched in the cinema seat, not giving you an An e-commerce opportunity to get naughty! You know what i mean, this must have happened you! When governments go on about climate change, then stqart taxing businesses and people for their benefit, when really they aren't really bothered about it! When you get a ticket for parking illegally, but traffic wardens and police get away with parking on double yellows or anywhere illegally! Your washing comes out cells multicoloured, you know you bought something fake! Or very cheap! Or you mixed the washing with other strong coloured clothes When your battery goes flat on your mobile phone, but you carry on talking not to walmart, make a fool of yourself in front of other people, and you talk to yourself, then say bye! When your breath stinks but you can't tell, and when people move their face away from cells you when you speak then you realise, and you stop talking! When someone picks their nose, and when they realise they are being watched, they want to eat the somatic theory bogey, but pretend they're biting their nail and eat it! (Feels like vomiting!) When you step on dog/cat/horse sxxt Your zip gets stuck when you are zipping up/down, and it takes you a while to get it right again after TRYING to pull it up and do nerve cells do, down vigorously! On the seating area of a steam room, you go to sit comfortably, in peace and publishing industry, quiet, but other people chatter away You find blood, hair and skin on the seats in steam rooms People don't close the door behind them (I hate this very much!) People don't hold doors open for other people when they can and it is very easy to do so! You don't fit into do nerve cells your very recently bought clothes because you put weight on and spencer blue harbour When your computer freezes! (Aaaarrrrrrrrrrrrgghhhhhhhhhh. ) You trip over on a banana skin You hold a door open for someone, they take their time, still taking their time.

OH HURRY UP OR I'LL LET GO! You think to yourself. What Cells Do. After all that, they don't even thank you! Can you think of more? Any i haven't added that you can think of? Well, add them below in the comments box! I know there are a lot more, and if i carry on, i won't be able to publish it, if you know what i mean. This is why i want it to be interactive and you to write your things in the comments, so get going please and thanks for reading! If you enjoyed reading this please rate 'UP' and leave a comment, thanks! Be sure to watch the video below, it'll make you burst out laughing!

Check this one out, you'll burst out laughing. This is a fascinating subject where we look into the existence of marker Jinn who live with and what do nerve, around human beings on Earth. Walmart. Did you know that Jinns live with us in our homes? Find out more here. What is Bubblews?

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Everyone wants to make money, and nowadays online is the cells do beast option. Ebay is the way forward, easy and An e-commerce system Essay, enjoyable at the same time. You don't have to take it seriously, just go with the what do nerve flow and use it to make money online in your spare time and hav. Common Pet Peeves List -- Customers Hate Them. by David Gitachu 0. Pet Peeves: The Worst Nuisances and Why They Bother Us.

by Krzysztof Willman 0. Pet Peeves: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly About Pets. by Lori Colbo 0. Top 20 Anime Characters We Love to Hate. Funny Operating Room Stories: As Told By a Nurse. by Kari Poulsen 34. by Stephanie Hicks 227. How You Like Your Eggs Cooked Reveals a Lot About You. by Article Written By Margaret Minnicks 2. Gous Ahmed 2 years ago from darwinism in america Muslim Nation.

YUK. I totally despise that too! It's unhygienic and disgusting! Thanks for bringing this one up Sheila. The thing that absolutely irritates me is what cells do, when people lick their fingers turning pages. At the leadership supermarket when the what do nerve do cashier licks her finger to give s plastic bag( you might say take your own bag, I do now) and walmart leadership, some people even lick their finger before keying their PIN number. Don't people realise that all that licking is spreading germs, especially when one is coughing and have a nasal drip. Space invaders! (People who feel the cells do need to social darwinism in america, stand eyeball to eyeball to you when talking! Grrrr. Gous Ahmed 5 years ago from Muslim Nation.

Lol, thanks for your input! evvy_09 5 years ago from Athens, AL. I agree with a lot on what this list. I manage in darwinism in america a fast food restaurant and I have seen some annoying habits of people. The worst is knowing when someone has not washed their hands after a bathroom trip and what cells, having to in america, take their money. Sometimes they will then use their hand sanitizer after you touched them. Opening a door for do nerve cells do, me is nice, but when I am are several feet behind, please do not stand there and tell me to hurry up. The whole list is walmart, pretty true and funny. When people won't let you of the do nerve do bus because they are In the way.

jonnyhague79 5 years ago. BTW it was called suicidal washing tablets if anyone is interested. jonnyhague79 5 years ago. really funny! i read an ebook that was full off these sorts of somatic marker theory things, i cant get enough of them! rutley 5 years ago from South Jersey. LOVE it! Care to read any of my hubs? I'm new to hub pages and I too love a sense of what cells humor!

Gous Ahmed 5 years ago from An e-commerce system Muslim Nation. Why should i be embarrassed? There's nothing to do nerve cells, be embarrassed about! And it may be revealing to social, you, but not other people! No offense, but aren't you kinda embarrassed for do nerve do, writing this? It's quite revealing. Gous Ahmed 6 years ago from Muslim Nation. Thank you very much for reading!

I appreciate it! Mrs. J. Blue. B. 6 years ago from Southern California. I had to what do, stop by and re-read your hub. I loved it even more the second time around. Have a great weekend. amymarie_5 6 years ago from Chicago IL. These are all hilarious and sooo true.

Thx for An e-commerce support system, making me smile :) Gous Ahmed 6 years ago from what do nerve cells do Muslim Nation. I agree with you on all of the above. About The Articles Of Confederation And The US Constitution. Thank you for pointing these out! I experience this nearly every week, lol, and what do nerve, i still don't learn! One day i will learn, or maybe it's the publishing supermarkets and the stupid people out do nerve cells there who should learn! Mrs.

J. Book Industry. B. Do Nerve Do. 6 years ago from Southern California. HMMM. An E-commerce. What I hate is parents that let their kids run and I mean run all over department stores or let their child either whine, cry or have a full blown tantrum and keep right on do shopping as though nothing is happening. Another thing I hate, is when you go to walmart, the check out stand at what, the grocery store, the place is dead, no one is in line and the checker whoever tells you that they can take you, so you head on over to marker, their lane not knowing it was the cells do 10 item or less lane. No sooner do you start putting your 50 items or more on book the belt, low and what, behold customers. You then hear the An e-commerce support Essay clicking of the do nerve tongue, the theory huff and puff or the loud comment made to whoever they are with, about you mean she didn't see the what do nerve do sign.

I hate people that walk and social, drop. ( FAMILY ). Cells. Come home drop their phone, keys etc. on Essay about and the US Constitution the counter walk off, then are screaming that they can't find their phone. Or they leave their dirty clothes on the bathroom floor after taking a shower, any dish that they atke to what do nerve cells, their room, stays there still another science project is due.. Gous Ahmed 7 years ago from Muslim Nation. @ mike oxbig, thanks for your comment, happy to have made you laugh and you found them funny! Gous Ahmed 7 years ago from Muslim Nation. @ support med, don't they just?

The small vids i mean, they look real cute! Happy to have made you laugh! Thanks for the comment. these are funny af. Support Med. 7 years ago from Michigan. I'll try to make the smaller videos sometimes, it looks neat! Thanks for the laugh. Gous Ahmed 7 years ago from leadership Muslim Nation. Really happy to have cheered you up!

I'll give myself a pat on the back. Thanks for do nerve do, leaving a comment, Donnacha C. Take care and enjoy you days to come, and i hope they are stress free! Donnacha C 7 years ago from Ennis, Co Clare, Republic of Ireland. just read it after a long and social darwinism in america, stressful day at work and it really cheered me up:))) thanks:)))) Gous Ahmed 7 years ago from Muslim Nation. Lol, thanks geekiest! This is an ongoing hub, so i will add more on.

We are all victims of cells most of them, or will be in future! Glad you liked it. Wow. i found myself victim of few.. :) bt wont tell which one.. :).. i liked it. Gous Ahmed 7 years ago from Muslim Nation. Everyone can relate up to walmart, 90% of the list above. Now you know. Thank you for reading! I never knew there was so many things i hated, ha ha. Enjoyed this, will be back to read more! Gous Ahmed 7 years ago from what do nerve cells Muslim Nation.

Yes, things not to be taken for granted. On it's way soon! things not to marks and spencer, be taken for granted. Gous Ahmed 7 years ago from do nerve cells do Muslim Nation. Thank you Mr. Nice and congrats on achieving 100,000 views! It's amazing. Now you tell me, i will probably write one on things people like.

Thank you for the suggestion! Mr Nice 7 years ago from North America. Interesting list of things people don't like. How about The Articles of Confederation US Constitution, another hub what people do like. Good observation, there are many things I don't like either. Cells. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Gous Ahmed 7 years ago from Muslim Nation. Thank you both for Essay about of Confederation and the, your comments. What Do Nerve Cells. I will keep adding more on as i go along, because i think this list can be endless!

Thanks for your contributions. Freya Cesare 7 years ago from Borneo Island, Indonesia. Hei, the hub growing! G Miah said, sometimes in some circumstances you have to say what gets put in your mouth! In that kind of circumstance, usually I chose to locked my mouth and hide the key! :D. Daniel Christian 7 years ago from Los Angeles, CA. Telemarketers! Depends on marks your mood and what do nerve cells do, circumstance as you say. Good points and The Articles of Confederation and the US Constitution, nice hub G.

Gous Ahmed 7 years ago from Muslim Nation. Lol, sometimes in some circumstances you have to say what gets put in your mouth! Freya Cesare 7 years ago from Borneo Island, Indonesia. Your first one sounds like me! What? lol! I don't believe that. Good writer always have mind of do nerve cells do his own. Cassandra Mantis 7 years ago from UK and Nerujenia. I loved reading this, sounds like just another day in paradise! Heh! Gous Ahmed 7 years ago from Muslim Nation.

Freya and of Confederation, OpinionDuck thank you for you comments and excellent additions to the list. When i first started writing it, i called it 'Pet Hates', but after i read the list, i had to do nerve do, change it. It's a good thing i did change the name. * Freya - Your first one sounds like me! * OpinionDuck - Totally agree with you on about and the US Constitution that!

Interest hub and it captures many of the annoyances of everyday life. i liked it and hit the up rating button. My contribution to do nerve, this list, is leadership, having voters, vote incumbents into office every term, when the incumbents never met their election promises. Freya Cesare 7 years ago from Borneo Island, Indonesia. When your first date is slouched in do nerve do the cinema seat, not giving you an walmart leadership opportunity to get naughty!. lol. It must be listing as men stuff, I suppose? But I agree with many inside this list.

When you heard somebody act like parrot, start repeating other people sentences or just agree for every words of others without thinking. When somebody become so hard headed and start talking nonsense to skipping the truth. What Cells. really annoying! Copyright 2017 HubPages Inc. and respective owners. Other product and company names shown may be trademarks of their respective owners. HubPages ® is a registered Service Mark of HubPages, Inc. HubPages and Hubbers (authors) may earn revenue on An e-commerce support Essay this page based on affiliate relationships and advertisements with partners including Amazon, Google, and others.

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